Port Authority Cleans up NYC-area Airports

Just before the holidays, I worked with Frommers.com contributor Sascha Segan on two features: World’s Most Beautiful Airport Terminals and World’s Worst Terminals. We wanted to highlight places that did something very well for their visitors as well as highlight those that let peope down — and we should expect more from. The lists came out just before the new year and they quickly caught on, helped on by a collaboration with USA Today, eventually ending up on NBC Nightly News.

Last week the Port Authority of NY & NJ announced changes at all three NYC-area airports (each one had a terminal on the worsts list). At the conference, Port Authority Executive Director Pat Foye said: “My goal is not to be on the Frommer’s list in 12 to 24 months.”

The NY Post had the best headline: “Stall-e-lujah! Filthy airport toilets get spruce-up.” As someone who flies in and out of EWR on the regular, I hope this is true. 

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