After nearly six really good years at I’m leaving to launch, a new travel intelligence brand. Skift is the brainchild of my co-founder and CEO Rafat Ali. At, the company Rafat founded a decade ago, he redefined how digital content was covered and used the site’s voice to help break down the artificial barriers between online, print, and other forms of media. With Skift, we’ll be looking at travel news and information in a way that builds upon the work of great consumer and industry publications by adding compelling original reporting, intelligent curation, and data-driven products that help readers discover more from the information around them. And we think that travel is a lot more than we’ve become accustomed to thinking it is, too. We’re going to cover local discovery services just as closely as aviation and mobile apps as fervently as OTAs. Please visit us in early July to see how we’ll do it all.